Thousand Oaks Landscaping

Thousand Oaks Landscaping

Be diligent when looking for a residential Thousand Oaks landscaping company- take your time and compare companies, services offered, and prices before you settle on a landscaper to redesign your grounds of maintain the look of your lawn. In your search for a reputable landscaping agency, consider speaking to a professional from Dream Green Landscape when you call 805-390-6017. We are committed to saving you money on all of your landscape needs and delivering exceptional results you’re sure to love.

5 Top Tips When Choosing a Landscaper

1. Look for a diversity of landscaping services to ensure exceptional results. Few things are worse than having to hire more than one service provider to complete a custom project. If you need a retaining wall, pavers, landscape installation, LED outdoor lighting, and waterscape features from a single company, reach out to Dream Green Landscape to discuss your ideas.

2. Check with your prospective landscaper’s past clients to see what they’re saying about workmanship and overall value. The time you spend in reading testimonials and reviews may save you a lot of headache throughout your project. Type Dream Green Landscape into your preferred search engine and you’ll find a long and growing list of satisfied clients who are eager to share their stories with you. We excel in all phases of Thousand Oaks landscaping.

3. Don’t take for granted that your landscaper knows what you have in mind- spell out your vision with perfect clarity to determine whether you’ll see the kind of results you expect. Not all landscapers have a knack with client rapport, which is why it’s so important to spend time interviewing several different landscape companies before settling on the one who shares your vision.

4. Compare project quotes from multiple landscaping agencies to find the best value; remember that the lowest price may not be the cheapest price when all is said and done. Many landscapers add fees and charges that pad the bill and end up emptying your wallet by the end of your landscaping project. That won’t happen when you hire Dream Green Landscape. Your budget is at the forefront of our plans for your beautiful new grounds.

5. Finally, don’t be afraid to fire your landscaper if they’re not delivering according to your wishes or their promises. Pay for the work completed and move on, even if it means you end up having to pay for materials ordered; the next landscaping company you work with can incorporate those materials into your project so that you won’t be left with added expenses.

Choosing Dream Green Landscape as your Thousand Oaks Landscaping company will result in total customer satisfaction; in fact, that is our promise to you. With 20+ years of experience in both residential and commercial design, hardscape construction, professional installation, drip irrigation, and more, we are able to take your project from concept to completion with no hassles along the way. When you’re ready to get started with your project, reach out to us by phone at 805-390-6017 or message us through our website.

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Thousand Oaks Landscaping