Tap Machine

Tap Machine

Tap Machine

Tapping refers to threading a hole to enable it to hold a screw or bolt. It is the same process that makes threads on nuts except in reverse. It can be done by hand, but most people use an automatic drilling machine for convenience and speed.

Tap Grades

Machine grade - The highest quality tap is achieved through automated drilling - This tap is very accurate, as the operator controls the precision tolerances and, consequently, thread depth - It is the fastest, as you can cut many holes sequentially at high feed rates

Medium grade - Applied in situations where precision and tap life are not as important

Quality entry - We do not recommend using these taps on our equipment

Good Tapping Practices

Use a tap guide to make a straight, usable tap. A mill or lathe has a self-centering function, making the work easier. If you have to make manual alignments, use a tap guide for greater accuracy.

Be generous with your use of oil. Oil when drilling metal is necessary to prevent squealing, make the cuts smoother and cleaner, dislodge the chips, and prevent the drill bits and stock from overheating.

Pecking is also vital to making a good tapped hole. Pecking involves drilling for a little while, then retracting to clean out the chips and allow the materials and bits to cool. Add oil in between the drills to reduce friction.

Use a center drill to give larger bits a center to sit on. It is crucial if your machine lacks a self-centering feature. When you create a center drill, you guarantee that your bigger drill bits won't deviate from the intended tapping path.

Measure your force precisely to avoid breaking your tap. A state-of-the-art driller will give you complete control of the penetration depth.

Quality Machining

Pick from our selection of automatic drilling machines for a machine-grade tap created using best practices. The types of taps you can produce with them include:

Taper Tap - The cutting edges have remarkable tapering due to soft gradual cutting action - In most instances, it is the starter suitable for tapping hard materials

Plug Tap - The cutting edges have a less distinctive taper - The cutting action is somewhat firmer compared to the taper tap - It yields 3 to 5 threads before the engagement of the entire cutting diameter

Bottoming Tap - The most difficult of the three, this tap has 1-2 tapered cutting edges before complete cutting begins - It is hard to start with, but it cuts threads to the bottom - It is the ideal finishing tap, and the high starting difficulty can be offset by using an integrated auto driller.

Our drilling equipment applies to industrial production for various hole processing jobs. If you install a tap machine in your shop, we assist with drawings and basic application information.

AutoDrill is a leading provider of drilling and tapping solutions in the U.S. Call our representatives today at 1-800-871-5022 to order.

Tap Machine
Tap Machine
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Tap Machine